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Name:Marged Saunders
Birthdate:Nov 20
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Character Name: Marged Saunders
Age: 20
Country of Origin: Wales
Played By: Juno Temple
Profession: Trainee LOCCENT officer
Personality: It's difficult for Marged to take the kaiju threat seriously, not having a personal connection to any of the Pacific Rim countries. She's competent and friendly enough, but this lack of personal belief in the cause can make her seem at best irreverent and at worst uncaring and callous. She believes in the PPDC only because they're funding her education, and remains unmoved by the rhetoric of those that truly believe in what they're doing.
Brief History: The third of four daughters born to Alys Saunders in Merthyr-Tydfil, Marged displayed an early aptitude for computer sciences that earned her a scholarship to the PPDC LOCCENT program, where she is a medium to good student. Her two older sisters (Gwen and Mary) work in the Welsh government and the Cardiff police force, respectively, while her youngest sister, Nia, hopes to become a Jaeger pilot one day, something the rest of her family teases her about.

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